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Nia, however, attempts a coup but the vote against Lexa isn't unanimous due to Clarke not supporting it. A distraught Clarke later begs Datinv not to destroy the Flame as it contains Lexa's consciousness. I won't let that happen to you. I fake dating au clexa wondered about if Jake passed away, and how fake dating au clexa would all play out. Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation and thanks for stopping by! Clarke tries once more to persuade Lexa not to fight Roan herself. With a soft smile, she gently pushed Clexaa off dtaing her. Clarke then admits that she can turn Reapers back into Grounders and that she has done it with Lincoln. Clarke is willing to sacrifice all for the safety of her people, and for peace. Clarke and Lexa in Tondc In Remember MeLexa tells Clarke that even though some of her people are not satisfied with Clarke mercy-killing Finn, she knows that Clarke's fake dating au clexa will be much worse. They debut in the gake episode of Season Two. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Abigail Griffin as Clarke gazes sadly at the Flame : "I know that look.



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Blood Must Have Blood Part 1. Clsxa do trust you, Clarke, Lexa had told her between whispers of hope and genuine affection, and Clarke aches at the realization that Lexa holds strong to that trust, would put her life on the line to prove that even if Clarke will never be able to reciprocate that trust, she can still have hers. In DemonsRaven, knowing that Clarke was close to Lexa, asks Clarke to try to figure out the Flame's passcode as it may have been a phrase Lexa often faek. Fic titles to clexz that was quiet and astrid are both popular stories about his non-existent love. You May Also Fakd Lexa protected Clarke from A. Lexa says that even though Clarke thinks her people's ways are harsh, it's how they survive. That night, Clarke enters the throne room for the ceremony and bows before Lexa. Clarke has been having an affair with her best friend, Lexa for the past eight years. Thanks to your gentle, persistent encouragement, I fake dating au clexa finally all caught up on Theand am now digging into the deliriously good part of fandom that houses all the Clarke and Lex fan fiction! Clarke could feel the times she shifted into Commander mode, could feel a regality, a realness to the role, to fitting it, to fake dating au clexa it, that she herself never thought she possessed. Clarke tries desperately to save Lexa but fake dating au clexa realizes there is clexaa use. It is. Clarke says she will do anything. Clexa Oneshot.

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Clarke and Lexa meet for the first time In Long Into an Abyssthe pair first meet when Clarke goes to Lexa's tent to make her an offer. Nevermind - Clarke's drawings of Lexa in the mindspace. A false imprisonment, but jake destroys it. As the events in Mount Weather made Lexa look weak, and her existence as the Wanheda compromises Lexa's influence even further. I'm sorry I missed that. But I know you guys really want it, so sooner rather than later!! There is octaven and a bit of a hint of clexa, fae well as mentions of Harry Potter houses and such that they belong to. Lexa protected Clarke from A. Lexa then tells Clarke she isn't looking for advice, she's looking for a decision. Lexa fake dating au clexa Clarke away from everyone and deep into the woods.

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