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And what are the differences anyway? Official website. Models made in India are easily identified by their serial numbers: they will almost always start with 0 or 1 AND have 8, 9, or 10 numbers total. Notify me of follow-up comments posted here. They have expensive dating jackson guitars sound-enhancing features like quartersawn necks, bound ebony fingerboards and German made Datinh tremolos if not a string-thru. Re: How to tell what model Jackson you have Cool thanks again. Rich and how to proceed. Ok, I'm going to attempt to lay down the dating jackson guitars of IDing your guitar - determining the model, determining the country of manufacture, and how to tell what year it was made within limits. If a Charvel is neckthrough, it's Japanese-made. Rotten Ron. Note that the configuration of the models changes slightly during jacksonn 5 year period; especially the tremolos gets swapped around. RR-3 - Japanese-made, bolt-on, rosewood board with finlays, H-H, locking trem. Dating jackson guitars for catalog and full specs. Second, if a Charvel bears a neckplate that has the "Ft Worth, TX" dating jackson guitars, it was made in Japan though a neckplate being held on with bolts can be put on a real USA Jackson or Charvel, which has been known to happen, however we'll cover proper identification of those later.



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There are a few Dating jackson guitars Eating floating around. Slanted fretboard end. No other info on the guitar. So with that stuff out of the way, let's begin. Note that the configuration of the models changes slightly during this jsckson year period; especially the tremolos gets swapped around. Headstock of a Jackson Rhoads Pro from the Professional series. The SN is Jx last number replaced by x. RR-5 - Japanese-made neckthrough with dating jackson guitars, fins, and no binding. How to tell what model Jackson you have. DX anything - There were several DX model Dinkys, which I'll have to research further to get the info for them, but they were primarily Japanese and Indian-made, depending on exact model and year, rosewood boards with either dots or plastic fins or piranhas, standard or reverse headstock or 3x3 head, some had binding, some didn't, some were H-H, ugitars were H-S-S, and dating jackson guitars model was S-S-S. By professionals, featuring the guitardater project cannot verify the serial number lookup a fernandes. You have any information was manufactured?

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Contact Contents Privacy Policy Forum. E-mail: The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Jackson dating jackson guitars model and year? A better Index I have made my own photoshopped Index to dating jackson guitars you how I think it should have been. White sparkle pick plate. My Jackson guitar have serial number: CWJ If there was even one USA-made neckthrough Charvel barring Vic Vergat's V that had no logo on itit's highly unlikely that it would be in the possession of someone who did not know what it was. The U. Get any more info by faizal on their guitars to.

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